Hunting : The Truth About Hunting Essay

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"Shhhhh!! I 'm hunting wabbits": The truth about hunting?

Many people think of the bahamas, or a five star hotel when a vacation is mentioned, however that is not true for all. For those who enjoy the outdoors and nature, a nice hunting trip speak more to them. Hunting has been seen in our culture for centuries as a way of reconnecting with nature, and in todays world with the lack of predators it is used to keep nature in balance, as well as keeping in touch with our ancestral traditions.
Hunting is a part of our culture and has been all throughout history. “Our prehistoric ancestors were hunters. To them, animals were as sacred as life itself. A good hunt assured survival.” (National Shooting Sports Foundation) . If our ancestors didn’t hunt, then they didn’t live. They relied on it for the survival of their families.
Hunting is still a part of our culture even to this day. Even though “the hunt” isn’t as necessary as it was for our ancestors survival there are many different cultures in todays world that still require hunting for their survival. For example: Native Eskimos rely on the meat from their hunts for their hunts. That is just one of several cultures that rely on hunting. (McLaren). For these cultures, they live where the winter seasons are long as so growing crops isn’t really an option, but hunting is.
Hunting allows a person to reconnect with nature. For many, hunting isn’t just about the chase and the thrill of catching their game. For many, hunting

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