Descriptive Essay About Jazz

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It was a sweltering 90 degrees on that summer day. Sheet music was strewn all over the floor. The fan behind me whirred as I browsed the internet for new music. I was frustrated with the progress I had made over the past couple of months in my quest to learn the art of playing jazz. This new form of music puzzled me; after analyzing chord progression after chord progression, I felt like I hadn’t progressed since I started. My fanatical obsession with jazz started just as the school year was ending. I had already been in my middle school’s jazz ensemble for some time now, but all we played were monotonous blues charts where my fellow bandmates and I would haphazardly attempt to improvise over a pentatonic scale. My band director brought in her vinyl copy of Miles Davis’ landmark 1959 album, Kind of Blue as part of our weekly listening test. It transformed my understanding of jazz. Before then the only jazz I knew was Chuck Mangione and David Benoit tunes my mom had put on while cooking or driving. The haunting melodies of “So What” and “Blue in Green” were a complete divergence from what were been playing throughout the school year. What I had witnessed was not dance music, but an image of a smokey downtown jazz bar painted by Davis himself. And while the rest of the ensemble passed it off as “old man music”, I wondered, how do I sound like that? And thus began my investigation of jazz that day. I traded in my classical Rubank Intermediate Technique for Saxophone for The

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