Descriptive Essay About Ketchup

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“Order of four burgers, three fries, and four lemonades!” The cashier announces. Shannon is already sitting down so I grab her tray for her. I stop by the condiment table, set both trays down gently as can be. Imitating what I have seen at every cookout, I lift Shannon’s top bun, squirt about half of the container of ketchup, and draw a small smiley face in mustard, although Shannon makes a frowny face usually. I cover her fries in ketchup as well. What monster could possibly prefer ketchup doused fries?! I make a small mountain of ketchup in my fry boat. The walk back to the table is treacherous. A maze of tables and half pushed in chairs tease, as I twist and turn making it to the table. Shannon doesn’t say thank you for perfectly replicating …show more content…

My long legs cannot take it.” I whine as we get to the car. Shannon and Mia climb into the back to appease me. The parking lot has thinned out quite a bit since lunch. The small town has grocery store two minutes from the beach. Everyone goes their own way to get what they want. I get myself a light blue Gatorade, peanut M&Ms and some cheese crackers. Passing the fruit, I decide to get a few more apples. We all place our items on the conveyer belt. Chips, drinks, fruit, and miscellaneous treats are scanned and bagged, coming to the total of $34.09. I swipe my parents credit card, they won’t mind, right?
“How are the groceries and two grown young women going to fit in the back?” Shannon complains.
“Here give me the bags, I keep my feet up anyways.” I reach behind and grab the food. This was a bad choice. Why? because I love eating while we are in the car! There is nothing exciting to do, so how better to pass the time than eat? I am in charge of giving Brooklyn directions because she is “too good” for a GPS. Obviously.
“Three rights, two lefts and then we are back.” I report. “But the turns are about 10 miles apart.”
“Do not doubt me Lilan! I will have us back in no time.” Brooklyn loves to call me that, even though my name is just

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