Descriptive Essay About Love

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Looking down at me you say, "Your pussy so tight" thrusting forward my titties bounce it feels so good. We hold each other and kiss and you slowly fuck me into bliss... * * * * * * * As we slowly approached our destination as the sky was getting dark, I can see the clouds coming together and it looked like a chance for rain. It was a warm summer night the kind with a slight breeze and just perfect for being outside. I was wearing my little shorts and my top that seems to never cover anything and you were dressed in your jeans, black baseball hat and one of those shirts with the color that could land an airplane with broad shoulders to match. I couldn't stop looking your way and smiling. You're also smiling back at me, oh how I love that smile. We both knew why we came here and we both knew that it was going to be great. Both of us were still sitting in the truck I scooted over into the middle of the bench and put my head on your shoulder it was nice. I laid my hand on your leg and then I decided to kneel up on my knees, with my elbow on the back and look straight into your eyes. Eyes which surprisingly were trying not to look away from my gaze. You smiled as you were talking because you were nervous, I leaned over to the side of your face and I rubbed my nose on your ear and slowly kiss down your neck taking my hand and putting it on the side of your face and pull your face towards mine and kiss your sweet lips ever so gently. I kiss down the sides of your face down into

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