Descriptive Essay About Museum Of Art

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I recently took a trip to New York City and visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While there, I looked at many different types of art work from all different cultures, time periods, and places. I was amazed at all the artwork there and how different it all was. I was amazed at the interior designs of the museum and how it was made to look just like a room from the place in which the showcased art originated from. There were many amazing art pieces that drew my attention, but there was one art piece that caught my eye and that I was in awe of. This is the Crown of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception Known as the Crown of the Andes
I selected this work of art for many reasons. The first reason is that as I walked passed this work of art it caught my eyes right away. I was amazed at the precision used to create every single element on this amazing piece of art. Every detail, from the placement of the gems, the stunning designs created in the gold of the crown, and even the beauty of the cross laying atop of the crown, caught my eye. The second reason is that I enjoy learning about royalty and how adored rulers are to their people. When I saw this masterpiece, I was in nothing but awe. I also felt a sense of surprise because the piece of art was sitting in the back of the room, and looked as though it was hiding.
This image is of a crown made to adorn the Virgin Mary and her queen-ship. The crown was created because in Colombia, the country where it was created, people

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