Descriptive Essay About My Sister

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I was five years old, standing in an airport waiting for my grandfather when I realized that my sister and I were very similar. A total stranger changed the way I looked at my sister and myself. Until this very minute, a minute that changed my outlook, I could not fathom at the time how my sister and I could in any way be similar, due to the differences in our personalities and how we reacted differently to a number of situations. We could both be a gadfly to each other and our parents. My sister enjoyed teasing me and being annoying, working me into a rage, while I enjoyed being silent and reading anything I could get my hands on. She enjoyed playing outside, while inside was where I felt I belonged. She was part of the popular group, and I enjoyed the company of plebeians. These were some of the things different between us that I remember of that time. There were physical similarities and my sister and I could be mistaken for twins.. Sure, we looked alike, blond hair, and blue eyes like our dad. We were tall and both active. We resembled each other, certainly, but in my mind, until we met the stranger and uttered a few words that changed my outlook, we could not be more different. The “moment that changed my outlook” that changed my outlook was not some relative physical similarities that convinced me that we were similar, it wasn’t a family diner. It was a meeting at the airport where we were waiting for our grandfather when a complete stranger walked up to us and told

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