Descriptive Essay About My Family

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I saw my neighbors through the window. Reluctantly i had agreed to hang out with them a few hours earlier, mostly because my mom forced me to. I popped in a ear bud, a song by my chemical romance corsed through my blood. I stepped out to the warm sun, the smell of freshly cut grass hit me, they were the feelings of summer. We walked down to JFK elementary making the small talk that's normally made between to kids forced to hang out by parents. At last my black nike flip-flops touched the blacktop, than i saw the the poorly done red kool-aid dyed frizzy hair of my friend Lexi. I made my way over to her, cracked a smile and sat down next to her on the heated black top, that's when i saw him. His hair was the color of leaves that fall in the autumn long and shaggy, almost touching his eyes. His eyes where the blue as the ocean, they're still my favorite set of eyes id ever seen. He wasn't the most attractive dude id ever seen but something about him was so different, the energy he gave off probably. I couldn't look at him in fear of starring, my eyes couldn't stop drinking up his image. “Noah, this is Mikaylee” lexi introduced me. He smiled revealing dimples like crators that formed half moons just above the corners of his almost non-existent lips. “Sup,” his voice was deep but not too deep that it was hard to understand him. We carried on conversations about basic things like how our summer was going, how un-excited we were to be starting school the following week (I

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