Descriptive Essay About Pine Island

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Off the southern coast of Florida, there is an island that is largely unimportant. Unlike Sanibel, it has no beaches. Its size is relatively inconsequential, being the 118th largest island in the United States. It is home to only four towns, Pine Island Center, St. James City, Bokeelia, and Pineland. This island is Pine Island. The island has no traffic lights and a single road leads to the mainland. This negligeable, eighteen mile long isle is its own little world. From the small shops of the neighboring island Matlacha to Little Pine Island, a 4,700 acre island of wetlands that are conserved for wildlife, Pine Island feels like home even when one has only seen the bridge from the mainland to the island. To the estimated 9,000 that call this island home, it is a little slice of paradise. Many of the homes on the island were once double-wide RVs that have since been put on bricks and built out to permanent homes. One such RV is owned in part by my stepfather Kevin. Kevin, my mother, and I have visited the little house two times and are planning another trip for this coming November. The house is situated in an unorganized community of RV’s and permanent homes. It sits along a canal out to the ocean. The driveway is shared with the house in front of us. Said house has an avocado tree that we pick from when no one is in the home. The neighbors to the side have a King Charles Cavalier spaniel and offered to take us out on their boat. The canal makes it humid and “No-See-Ums”

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