Descriptive Essay About Tennis

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The sun’s rays poured down onto my shoulders leaving them radiating with heat as sweat trickled down my face and arms. The black rubber grip on my racket spun in my hands as I tried to see out of my eyes which were weighted down with sweat. My breathing became muffled as I sprinted on the tennis court. My eyes were consumed with light reflecting off of the white court lines which impaired my field of vision. The bright neon tennis ball replaced the sun’s brightness in an instant as my eyes only allowed the radiance of the light to shine through. The sun’s heat and my thirst for water were intensified by every passing second. My lips felt my moist breath every time I inhaled the humid air which made my lips feel like a dried, shrunken apple. My feet slid around in my thin socks. The sweat no longer trickled down, but rained down onto my legs. Still, I was determined to put everything I had into this match no matter the end result.
She was up three, and I had zero. We were both running down every ball until our shoes wore out. At the end of the majority of our games, we were tied at deuce which led to the next point deciding the entire game. I turned around to pick up the ball to give back to my opponent as she was serving the next game, and I would casually hear her racket hit the concrete pavement because she was mad she lost the point. Her fiery, orange hair would go up in flames because of this. I would hear her bickering to herself and see her give me the stink eye

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