Descriptive Essay About Volleyball

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Volleyball, one of the world's greatest sports. From the hot and muggy gym, to sweat dripping down each players face, volleyball is not for the faint of heart. This sport requires a single-minded desire: to win. It takes more than just teamwork to win. Volleyball has always been one of my favorite sports. I would always meet a new friend anywhere I would go. Believe it or not these situations are how you could meet your life long best friends.
One day when I was in fifth grade, my volleyball team traveled to Trinity Clinton Township to oppose them in a volleyball game. They had the brightest gym in the universe! Playing volleyball there was like trying to play inside the sun. Everyone was more focused on the sun in their eyes than …show more content…

The water had spilt everywhere on the gym floor. I was so embarrassed, but luckily the other team was kind enough to help me clean up all the water I had spilt. I made a couple of jokes by comparing the big spill I made to "the flood on Noah's Ark," I somehow managed to make everyone around me laugh. I made a lot of new friends that day all due to a simple act of kindness towards others.
As my heart grew for the love of volleyball, I took my talents to harder competition, Great Lakes at the end of my sixth-grade season. This is a very well-known team and they are very superior at volleyball. That was one of the scariest tryouts I have ever attended because there were over three hundred girls trying out for the volleyball team! The first thing everyone was tested on was "hitting". Every girl got in a line and tried their best to hit the ball over the net. Well, I was still in sixth grade at the time along with many other girls and most of us were all still fairly short. I was the next girl in line to hit, I had butterflies in my stomach like no other. I walked up to the ten-foot line and did my approach. Boom! The ball goes screaming over the net! I never knew I had such great power in my arm. Next up in line was the girl behind me her name was Megan, she was also short. Megan goes up to the line and swung at the ball but missed. The girls in the gym were laughing at her because the ball went under the net instead of going over. Suddenly

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