Descriptive Essay About Titanic

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Famous Maritime Disasters
For as long as people have been using wood to float on water, there have been maritime disasters. The most we can do is mourn for dead, be sensitive to the trauma of the survivors, and learn from these tragic experiences.

Let’s look at five well-known or somewhat well-known maritime disasters.
RMS Titanic

It’s been the subject of more than one film, and not just the 1997 James Cameron blockbuster. It’s even the subject of a musical (The Unsinkable Molly Brown).

But just what is it about the Titanic that captures the imagination? Part of it, surely, is the luxury of the ship and a lot of its high-class passengers. Another reason is the arrogance of referring to the ship as ‘unsinkable’. Plus the tragic loss of
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This American Great Lakes freighter was used to haul taconite iron ore from mines near Duluth in Minnesota to the iron works in Toledo, Detroit, and other Great Lakes port cities. More than just a workhorse, the Edmund Fitzgerald was also known for its speed. The ship set seasonal hauling records six times during its working life, which spanned from 1958 to 1975.

The captain, Peter Pulcer, was known as the ‘DJ Captain’, for his habit of playing music while the ship sailed between Lakes Erie and Huron through the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers. Music was played day and night. Furthermore, Captain Pulcer would also entertain spectators between Lakes Huron and Superior at the Soo Locks, with running commentary about the vessel. As a result, the ship was well known to boat watchers.

On November 9, 1975, Captain Ernest McSorley commanded the ship on what should have been a somewhat routine run from Superior, Wisconsin (near Duluth) to a steel mill near Detroit. On that day, the Edmund Fitzgerald accompanied another freighter, the SS Arthur M. Anderson. However, the next day, both ships were caught in a sudden storm with waves up to 35 feet and winds that were near hurricane force. The Fitzgerald reported it was having some difficulties, but its last transmission to the Anderson said that they were holding their own.

Just after 7:10 PM, the Fitzgerald suddenly sank about 17 miles from Whitefish Bay, on the Canadian side, near Sault Ste.
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