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The brisk cold air lightly touching my bare arms as I walk to the car. A long three hour car ride lays in front of me on our way to Yosemite. Crammed in the back seat with a tower of blankets in between my sister and I. I put in my headphones and try to drift off to sleep. I awoke two hours later, when my car came to a screeching halt. I looked outside to see cars going for miles, as far as my eyes could see. I look over next to me and see my little sister drowsy as she awoke from her slumber. I rolled down the window and a light breeze entered the car. The familiar scent of pine filled my lungs, and at that moment in time I knew where I was. It took only a few more hours to reach our destination for the day. The distinct smell of a new place was intriguing to me. I take in my surroundings and layed down on the soft couch and cuddled in a blanket that was as soft as silk. The warmth embraced me and I drifted off to sleep for the night.
The next morning I arose before dawn. The cold crisp air filled the house as the door was opened. The shuffling of feet made me wonder what was happening. I followed my parents orders and hopped into the ice cold car for hopefully not another long car ride. After driving for a few short minutes, we arrived at this horse stable. Now fully awake, my sister and I hopped out excitedly and we were immediately overwhelmed by the potent smell of horses. We started unloading our luggage and sprayed on rancid bug spray. We got assigned horses and we

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