Descriptive Essay : My First Plane

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Skipping the last week of school to fly in a plane for the first time across the ocean to another country was a thrill. Frankfurt, Germany was my first plane stop. From there I would board another plane that would take me to Budapest, Hungary, then finally to my last destination, Romania. This was the first time my siblings and I flew on an airplane and it was fascinating because every seat had a mini T.V. behind them and the food was delivered right to our seats. This was a different but exciting experience because we could watch movies whenever we wanted, we got to order whatever food we desired, we didn’t have to sit next to our parents, and sitting next to old people came with a major perk. My siblings and I always got seats next to older people and it was fine with us because every time the flight attendants passed out candy the old people would give us theirs. As kids candy was our most prized possession so we were eager to receive candy from anyone who would offer us some. On plane rides you get seated randomly and my siblings and I ended up never getting seats next to our parents. Being away from our parents was fun and we entertained ourselves by watching movies, eating, or looking out the windows to see extensive acres of farmland passing below us and the vastness of the ocean we were crossing over. The first few days we stayed at my Aunt's apartment. My Aunt has curly hair that frames her gentle face and soft brown eyes, she laughs easily and loves spending
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