Descriptive Essay On A Concert

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You get to go to you favorite artist concert near your town and you owe it all to Sam, your best-friend since kindergarten. You are so excited that your emotions are jumping all over your bedroom. Later, you put on your brand new outfit and meet Sam at the concert. You enter the building with a rush and the whole atmosphere changes. The room is filled with thousand of buzzing fans, dancing lights, and your in the middle of it. Then your favorite artist comes on stage and start singing along with them to their new album. You are having so fun dancing, singing along with the lyrics, and shouting.You turn next to you to find Sam with a big grin on her face jumping up and down with excitement and you smile. You listen to the sound of the singer voice entering your ears and exiting the other, you couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You really could not believe what you were hearing, you were hearing gunshots, multiple gunshots, real gunshots that had real bullets. And suddenly the atmosphere became one of stormy night, people was panicking, pushing, and falling, you couldn’t find Sam, because you body was over taken by distraught. You start to have flashbacks of moments you had at that night. The last flashback you had was Sam smiling, then everything went black. Sadly, you just lost the mass shooting simulation, luckily it was just a simulation. But remember you are lucky, this could have easily happen to you just as easy as it didn’t because every thing in it was based

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