Descriptive Essay On A Dog

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Once upon a time there lived a dog named Charlie. He’s a beautiful black lab and german shepard mix. He has an amazing owner who has a mom, dad and siblings. His owner’s name is Emma. They have the best times together. They always take “road trips” together, as Charlie would consider it, to get yummy treats.
One day, Emma took Charlie for a walk. They go on walks everyday after Emma is done with school. She likes to get her exercise in, too, so it’s great for the both of them. When they walked, Charlie smelt so many things. For example, he smelt some trees, bugs, fish, other dogs, cats, people and even dog poop, I know I know, it’s probably not what you expected but it happens to be true. After their five mile walk, you tell Charlie was tired, they got home and got a nice ice cream treat. That happens to be something he loves about Emma, she is always so kind and shares her food with him.
A few days later, they went to the dog park for the first time. Charlie got to meet so many new friends! How exciting. He’s never got to smell so many animals at once. He saw his best friend there, Nala, she waited patiently to tell him something. “Hey Charlie, guess what.” He replied with, “What?” Nala said, “I found a hole by the fence, so that means we can get out. What do you say? Should we take the risk?” Before she even finished saying “risk” to him, he was off. He walked over so secretive and then sprinted off once he got out because his nose was going insane and he had so many

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