Descriptive Essay On A Puppy

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Everyone has that perfect thought about how puppies are, soft, fluffy, loyal little companion. What’s wrong with having a puppy, besides everything? I was on a two hour long car trip, to look for a puppy that I could call mine. When I arrived at the home that the puppies were in, I was filled with felicity! I leaped out of the van and bolted right up to the door. “Come on mom!” I yelled. The rest of my family walked nonchalantly up to the door to where I was waiting, as if it were no big deal. My father knocked on the door and a few seconds later, a older lady came to the door and greeted us with a grin.
“There are six puppies still available.” the elderly woman said, while letting us in. I looked around and saw all of the puppies running around and chasing each other. Every puppy was playing with another or barking, except for one. My father seemed to notice the puppy who was all by itself too. My mother walked over to him and picked him up. He instantaneously started wagging his tail and licked my mother all over her face. Then I took him from her and he did the same to me, licked me all over my face.
“How much do you want for him?” my father asked the woman. She said that she wanted 700 dollars from him. My father had a look of bewilderment on his face. Then he told her that he would need to discuss it with my mother. My mother shared the same expression and told my father that she was unsure about it because of the price. David and Cody seemed okay with it. I was the

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