Descriptive Essay On A Guided Tour

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Before me was a breathtaking sight. The pictures I had seen prior to my vacation did not even begin to do this natural wonder justice. Water underneath the fall was a beautiful green color. The water cascading over the cliffs and crashing into the ground below was a sight to behold. Because it was dark, the waterfalls were changing, cycling through a multitude of colors. Months of anticipation had finally come to fruition. After hours of driving, my mom and I were reaping the rewards.
When I stepped off the bus my excitement continued to grow. The biggest attraction of the guided tour was next: a boat ride right up to the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls. My mom and I walked with our tour group and guide to purchase our tickets. Along with us were nine other families from across the world. Families from as far as Spain, Australia, and England came to view Niagara Falls. We talked in length with the family from England on our way to purchase our tickets. They had many questions about America and its culture, and we had questions about their native England. It was interesting to me to hear about a culture so different from ours. Our tour guide gave us advice on where to go on the boat to get the best possible view. He said he had been on the boat multiple times and knew the best vantage points. I repeated his instructions in my head as we walked.
Before entering the boat, there was a long line that the tour group had to wait in. Waiting in line surrounded by other

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