Essay On Constructing A Tour

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After viewing the presentation by Martin Atkins, I’ve taken away many aspects and topics that would potentially be of use when constructing a tour. Some of my favorite topics presented include the importance of finding your fans before the touring process and knowing where to play in order to be successful. Atkins even agrees, in some cases, with the idea that it might be in your best interest to play a lot of shows consistently in a selected city/area where you have already established a following before moving cities and having those shows turn out to be a bust. He points out the importance of creating a community with your fans and I especially like the idea that a band must find interest in all their fans and followers before they can …show more content…

Some other insightful ideas presented in the workshop include the flower petal theory and the idea of creating an alliance with other bands who are starting out and who you share the stage with each show. The flower petal theory explains that once you find a city that is working for your band, find a nearby city with growing interest in your band and establish your presence there. Once that location is established, branch out again and repeat the process. Eventually you will have multiple petals of cities that connect and that you can keep coming back to and finding success creating a flower-like shape on a map. As your band becomes bigger and more successful, the flower will grow, spreading out over a larger portion of the map. I find this theory to be both efficient and sensitive to your budget because you are somewhat restrained to a certain portion on the map and you will not waste resources and money traveling to a place that won’t work out, and you will consistently bring in a following each night at your shows. While the idea of creating an alliance with other bands you share the stage with might seem like common sense, the outcome it can have on your band often gets undervalued and underappreciated. If you do something as simple as exchange thoughts or comment with each other on social media, each band’s following is networking with one another and you soon form a bond with the other band’s fans, which will in turn expand your fan base without much work being

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