Descriptive Essay On A Hockey Game

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It was the most important game of my life, I arrived at the Poco Rec centre Arena with all my family and friends, With my heart pounding against my chest I knew that this was going to be the most nervous night of hockey I’ve ever played. I slowly creep into my dressing room and I notice that the distinct colour of the room was blue my, Face lit up with excitement because the blue rink is so much better and gives me so much more ice to skate around I was for sure confident going into this game with so much adrenaline going threw me I was ready. From the side of the room I was greeted by my coaches and most of my teammates; The smell of sweaty gear and the sound of “We Will Rock You” by (Queen) as everyone sings along I grip my laces and lace them up extra tight for the game everything seemed just perfect. Coaches walk in and give the speech “if we go to them hard, We won’t see defeat”.

As usual, The time had come to head onto the ice, We exit the room and head down the hallway to just by chance or luck make eye contact with the Coquitlam Chiefs. Coach pulls me aside and lets me know that “they got a real good player over there number seventeen”. At first glance I did not think much of him until I took it upon myself to watch him while warmup. he had a nice set of hands, Quite a wicked shot and tremendous speed I now thought this guy is going to be a problem.

Warmup had finally concluded. As a team everybody helped pick up the pucks and brought them back to the bench

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