Descriptive Essay On A Perfect Quinceanera

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A Perfect Quinceanera A Quinceanera is an event that comes once in a lifetime and nearly every girl in the Hispanic community looks forward to it. From escorts to princess-like dresses to the party there is a plethora of planning needing to be done. There are several steps leading to the perfect party some of them being the following: pre-planning, rehearsals, and most importantly the main events occurring on the special day. Pre-Planning First the young lady must decide if she really wants a Quinceanera because there are girls who would much rather have a small gathering, a big trip, or even nothing at all. To begin one should start making plans 6 to 8 months before the big day. You do not want to be rushed for this occasion. A daughter …show more content…

There needs to be a finalization on the music to be used and a choreographer chosen to help with the dances. The more practices the better because you do not want to present an unfinished dance. My younger brother was part of a Quinceanera and throughout the months that they practiced, they always had escorts missing and did not get much done. When it came time to showcase the dance, most escorts were completely off step while others ran behind. Let’s just say it was a complete disaster. Going dress shopping is the most fun in the process of preparation. Going to the special boutiques and trying on endless dresses until you finally pick “The One”. The color of the dress determines the color of all the decorations. Most people have their invitations made in Mexico and delivered at least one month before the party. Invitations can come in all shapes and sizes and they must also follow with the theme and color of the …show more content…

As they are frantically beginning to decorate and put everything in place they are not able to be present at the ceremony being held at church. As unfortunate as this is the Quinceanera knows she must move on with the day to live in the moment and, as the photographers keep reminding her with every picture, to relive in the future. As the day progresses the Quinceanera goes through with the traditions of the church until it is time for the mass to end to begin the everlasting process of picture taking. Not one moment goes uncaptured by the light of the camera whether it be the simplest of moments like walking out of the church to the most extravagant of moments like the Quinceanera making her remarkable entrance to the reception. Every moment of the young girl becoming a young woman is being captured from a different arrangement of beautiful places. For instance, here in North Alabama the typical places to take Quinceanera pictures are UNA, Spring Park, and Heritage Park. As the photo session comes to a close the Quinceanera and her court of honor move on to the next section of their lists. This section is also the final portion of the traditional celebration as it is the reception. As they all make their grand entrance the guests cheer at the top of their lungs to help celebrate the wonderful existence of the amazing young woman

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