Descriptive Essay On A Renaissance Faire

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The Renaissance faire

Ahh, what a exquisite day I say to myself, the year is 1518 and we are having a festival to make peace with other countries. I will be happy to express myself as a jester make people laugh, tell jokes, do tricks and all. This will be a very special day in the kingdom for me and everyone there to celebrate. My ride to the faire would be a horse carriage that would leave at approximately 7:15 AM. Me and the rest of the kingdom are excited to go to the faire.
When I arrived at the fair it was gorgeous, it was nicely decorated with flowers and other bushery. People were also playing music as we entered. When we got to the main area we went to plays and shops, at one of the shops I got to pet a lizard! One of the plays I went to was mud begging it was extremely funny, I got a little dirty though. Then I went to the sword shop, a fellow jester bought a sword. There were tons of other fun attractions like people throwing knives! I prefered to throw the hatchet. Also the food was something to savor. Then I went to circus stella, oh boy was that scary, I thought I’d have a heart attack! People flipping through fiery rings. We walked around and walked some more enjoying the fun sights that were there till we found the ride “The Wild Boar” It was extremely fun, also more enjoyable because I went with my acquaintances. One of the most interesting things that we saw was the glass blowing, they were making beautiful items out of molten glass. Many people were

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