Essay on The Unique Art Produced During the Renaissance

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The renaissance or “rebirth” was a cultural awakening which spanned from the fourteenth to sixteenth century. A growing interest in humanist traits and classical ideas heavily influenced the art during the renaissance. A growing community of artists provided much needed competition for their profession. The renaissance introduced many different and modern ideas but also remained obedient to classical belief. The unique art of the renaissance spread throughout Europe. Northern European art differed tremendously from Italian art. Art during the early renaissance time period was mostly commissioned by wealthy and powerful families. Ruling families were accepted by the average public. These families commissioned various and lavish artworks. …show more content…

This unique blending of fresh ideas and rejuvenating classical ideas defined Masaccio’s artwork and more importantly the art of the early renaissance. The high renaissance time period introduced the world to arguably its best artists. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Titian ruled the grand community of artists at the time. Da Vinci and Michelangelo further succeeded because of their versatility. The high renaissance was marked by rival city-states and a continued trend of lavish spenders. Religious and political leaders spent great quantity of money to have their chapels, or any setting appear better than their rivals. Michelangelo’s artwork dominates over any other in the Sistine chapel. The Sistine chapel is the ideal place of where new popes are elected. Michelangelo brought along his love for sculpting in his paintings. There are about three hundred figures on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, and no two appear the same. Michelangelo’s artwork has an enormous variety of expression. Arguably Michelangelo’s best painting; The Creation of Adam perfectly represents his ideas. God is shown flying through the sky; while Adam is bound to the earth. Beneath the Lord’s left arm appears to be Eve, waiting to be born. The viewer’s eye follows the entire arm motion perfectly, which ends up pointing at Christ’s child face. Michelangelo’s figures differ greatly from Leonardo Da Vinci’s formal poses and gestures. Michelangelo’s figures include

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