Descriptive Essay On An Island

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I wake up on an island with many others. I count up to 99 other than me. Above me there is a screen that is counting down from one minute, some of the others around me are screaming and going insane but at least half are calm waiting to see what happens when the timer runs out. I walk over to a man in a light blue tuxedo and ask him “do you know where we are?” the man answers “An island in Russia” I say “thanks” and walk back to the timer it reads 5 seconds I count down the time then my vision goes blank.
When I open my eyes I’m on a plane with the other players and a map of what I guess is the island the man in blue told me about. I have a parachute on my back I’m guessing with black masks will force us off the plane we wait about 20 minutes and the women next to me asks “do you want to team up” I say “what for, what is gonna happen?” she responds with “you don’t know?, everyone on this plane will have to fight to the death to survive the last people standing whether it be one person or a team they get to survive and go to the next game. But I don’t want to be in a team with someone who’s a beginner and hasn’t even play one game.” The cargo planes haul started to open and the pressure filled the plane then men with black masks started to throw people off the plane they went from back to front through the rows so I’ll be third to last to get thrown off I have about five minutes to get ready to get thrown off. They
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