Descriptive Essay On Apple Picking

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Apple Picking Today was going exceptionally well for me. My mom said we were going apple picking. We get there and play for a while. After a while we decide to go on the tractor. We hop onto the back of the wagon and go riding on the short trail. When we arrive, I see rows and rows of trees with apples hanging off of the hands of their arms. “It’s time to go apple picking!” I think to myself excitedly. Everyone grabs their own little baggies and are told we can only pick four-five apples otherwise we’d have hundreds of apples when we finish. I follow my mom through the rows of trees labeled Granny Smith Apples. It doesn’t take me long to find some juicy looking apples. Once I finish picking my apples, I lay them next to my mom and go find my cousins Abby and Mia to play with.
We run through the series of trees until we tire ourselves out. After a while we head back to where all of our aunts are. “Let’s get some family pictures.” says my aunt Naomi. We all gather around and take one big family picture and then separate pictures. “Let’s get a picture with all three of you girls biting into the same apple.” exclaims our mothers. We go pick a few large sized apples and return in about thirty seconds. My aunts position us while my mom gets the camera ready. I decide to take the first bite out of the apple. When Abby takes the next bite, we see that there’s no room for me. We discard the apple by giving it to my mom to eat. We grab a new apple but I let Abby take the first
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