The Golden Apples Essay

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In Eudora Welty’s novel, The Golden Apples, the author presents a combination of short stories to give the readers an insight into the intricacies of human relationships. In doing so, in “June Recital,” Welty utilizes the separation technique, once again, to give multiple perspectives depending on the different time periods and characters. Moreover, by implementing the textual structure and significance of the MacLain house from the “Shower of Gold,” the two stories, although separate, have a strong bond and share similar significance to one another. As a result, with dense and detailed descriptions and vernacular languages, Welty succeeds in providing the reader with a three-dimensional analysis of the events which occur in the “June …show more content…

Combining these elements of combination and separation, Welty introduces the sense of community, prejudice, and tension within the daily social interactions with an amalgam of two heterogeneous perspectives.
In the first out of four sections of “June Recital,” Loch Morrison, little brother of Cassie Morrison, leads the narrative. Despite the lack of past knowledge that Cassie possesses and the limited grounds in which Loch is able to travel around, Loch provides second-hand visual experience through his senses. He first mentions how the “Next door was the vacant house,” which signifies the MacLain house (20). One can also seek the insignificance and the abandonment of the house as Loch says that “His family would all be glad if it burned down” (20). Loch is confined in a room; however, “It was his father’s telescope” that enabled him “to look through it” (21). The senses which Loch acquires the portrayal of the events that occur in the MacLain house are therefore “With the telescope to his eye” and “he even smelled the house strongly” (23). Here, one can recognize that Loch is susceptible to making mistakes as he is solely dependent on his human senses. However, from Miss Eckhart “putting up decorations,” to Virgie Rainey and sailor having a discrete relationship where they were “on a mattress delightfully bare- where he

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