Descriptive Essay On Baptism

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The baptism As the sun glistens through the long dark shredded curtains covering a big old dirty window. It creeps across the messiness of wrinkled sheets,and lands on your smooth,freckled skin. It gives you a warm and bubbly feeling. Your eyes flutter open slowly as you yawn and stretch your aching long body from the glorious sleep you just had awoken from. You crawl out of bed as slow as a sloth to soon go through the jungle of cloths you have. Deeper and deeper you go into the jungle to search for that perfect baggy shirt. You put on your skinny jeans one leg at a time just like any other human being,holes on each knee because you know you aren't the steadiest person. You rush to put on your old and tattered shoes. They used to have crisp white laces but they have now turned a soft grey from the drive way you walk up and down everyday. The sides all torn up from pulling in them trying to it your fat in them. You do the daily routine that everyone does going through the list in your head like brushing your teeth and hair to putting on deodorant and perfume. You grab your bible and your cracked cup as you rush into the cold crisp air you are greeted with from the outdoors. Packed into a car like sardines with your siblings and off you go on the weekly adventure to the church.your ride there is silent and seems to last a lifetime but once you finally reach your destination, it's off like a rabbit getting stuff done in a quick,fast and a hurry. Down the long narrow and

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