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Be Brave
I could feel my heart pounding through my chest as I peered over the waterfall. My feet had cuts from standing on the sharp rocks. The lush green trees surrounded me. Water rushed off the edge plummeting thirty feet to the ground. The Screams of people throwing themselves off is unforgettable. I could feel the stream tugging at my feet and pulling me close to the edge. The smell of the sea can be found anywhere on the island. Wind coming from the ocean gave me chills. Listening to the peaceful sounds of the waves crashing on the shore miles away helped me relax. The problem is the only way down is to jump. That feeling I get when my stomach drops is one of my favorite; or the thrill of doing something crazy. My mom told me we were driving on the road to Hana, and I knew I had to find something exciting. Luckily for us we came upon a pool with a beaming waterfall pouring into it. The forest was full of life and lush trees. It looked like a painting or something out of a dream. Everything was perfect about this place. Walking onto the top of the waterfall I knew this had to be the place I was telling myself to jump but my legs wouldn't move. Stuck there I knew I was terrified. The entire time I was telling myself I was brave enough to jump, but in reality my mind was buzzing with worries. I took a deep breath and wandered closer to the edge. As I looked over the cliff I saw the pounding water hit the pool. I took a step back and didn't think I could do it. I looked

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