Descriptive Essay On Buried Alive

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Buried Alive The morning dawned bright and clear, if a little cold. The mountains overhead loomed with patches of snow on their peaks. An ever present reminder that winter was just around the corner. I woke up that day with as light a heart as I had ever had in the years since my dear wife’s death. Pulling on my boots and running a finger through my hair, I went to prepare for another brisk Midwestern day. I paused at my darling little girls room, and gently knocked on the door to wake her. “Hope? Are you awake honey?” “Daddy?” came the sleepy reply. I entered her room and scooped up Hope into my arms. The adorable 6 year nuzzled her curls into my chest. “Now you be a good girl for you nanny.” “I will daddy.” came the muffled reply.…show more content…
Ann was the sweetest little Momma to her girl, and they were nearly twins in looks and temperament. Then, when Hope was four, outta the blue, Ann died. She became ill about two weeks before her passing and never recovered. A week later a letter came for her, but I never had the heart to open it. Now I figured maybe I should have. A restless curiosity built upside of me and I grabbed the side of the car.“What do you know of Ann?” The gentlemen removed my fingers one at a time “I will explain all that I know, But only if you agree to accompany me to town. I eyed the automobile suspiciously while the lavish man covertly eyed my work garb. “How’s ‘bout I follow your machine with my team.” “Please,” said he, “lead the way.” “It’d be my pleasure Sir.” Not ten minutes later, we were on the road and my mind was awash with questions. Who was this here costly clothed man? What did he want? And most importantly, what did he know of my lovely Ann? It seemed to take an eternity and a half, but at length we finally arrived at the backwater town. While I hooked up my team of horses to the post the fancy man positioned himself at a secluded outdoor table. I strided up to him and took my seat. I stared pointedly at the man, waiting for him to speak, but he paused, thinking. I was ready to pummel him by the time he finally spoke. “Do you remember the day Annettia died.” I was surprised at his bluntness. “It’d be pretty hard for me to forget when my wife was taken from me.” “Just

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