Descriptive Essay On Campground Chaos

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Campground Chaos It was just nights until Canada's highly anticipated 150th birthday. James was ecstatic because he had been planning this day for months with his buddies. They all planned to go camping in radium for the first time as friends. This would be a new experience, but none the less they were all excited for a new adventure. James was a very average man. He was a twenty-four year old man, and Often kept to himself. He stood at six feet and two inches, and weighed around one hundred and sixty pounds. James had brown hair, eyes as blue as the ocean, thick eyebrows, and a very clean face which he took great pride in. He lived in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Right in the heart of the suburbs, minutes away from his best friend David. James house was 1,600 square feet. It was built from bricks and was close by all of his favourite convenience stores. Though, James did love the location, his favourite part was his backyard. There you could find a basketball hoop and a hot tub. James was a massive basketball fan. Everyday when James comes home from work, he puts up at least a hundred shots, always trying to better himself. Much like James, all of his friends loved to play b-ball as well. Thought they all played for fun, David was easily the best. David and James were inseparable. They both shared the same passions, and had the exact same personality. The only real difference was their appearance. David had short blonde hair and a very scruffy beard. Aswell, David's eyes
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