Descriptive Essay On Coming To School

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“And The forecast today will be bright and sunny!” My mother turned off the television and told be to get my backpack, for it was time to head to school. It was a new school year, and just starting the sixth grade. I was new to the district last year, so I have only made a handful of friends . My mom sends me off to the bus, and I look up at the sky. It was dark and cloudy, it seemed as if it would rain. I sighed, and I get onto the morning bus. I walked into the building i’ve managed to become so familiar with during the last school year. Heading into the sixth grade wing, I find my locker, and open it with ease. The girl next to me didn't have the same luck. I snicker at her struggle, then I offer some help. She more than willingly handed me her locker combination, and I open her locker for her. She thanks me and I headed into my class. I look around, the buzzing of voices swirled in my head. My eyes dart to the door just in time to see the girl I helped earlier walk into the room. I smile and she smiles back, then proceeds to go sit by her small group of friends. Over the next couple of days, we talk and get to know each other. Later I find out her name is Lillian. I let her copy my work, she introduces me to her friends, then they also copy my work. I began to make a lot of new friends, and that made me love school even more. It went smoothly until I started to get pulled out everyday. The only downfall of this all. Speech Therapy. One a day, for a single hour, my

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