Descriptive Essay On Dorm Life

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Siyao Huang
English 1AF
Jada Patchigondla
October 13, 2017
College Dorm Life
When considering about college, the first thing came to mind is life in a dormitory. I have heard horror stories about living in dorms which made me anxious about my upcoming dorm life. What would life be when living away from parents? What adjustments would require making from home to dorm life? How would the balance of time when managing myself? New problems from dorm-ate and neighbors? What is it like to shower in a co-ed bathroom? Countless questions have popped in mind before I stepped in college. However, recalling from this one month of college life, I have noticed some significant changes as I move out from the roof of parents and into a dorm room.
The Joe West Hall is one of the residential halls at San Jose State University which hosts approximate 600 freshmen. It is considering the worst building here at SJSU since it is the only building that without air condition. I have chosen to live in a double occupancy room in Joe West under the choices of single, double and triple. When I first entered in my dorm, the spacing is as small as I thought it would be before. Our dorm room is furnished with two twin beds, desks, chairs, dressers, and closets. It is just a single small room which could fairly use by myself. As the only child from home, my parents were worried that I would have trouble sharing living space with someone else for the first time. However, I did manage not to have

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