Descriptive Essay On Food

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There are many different techniques that an author can use to create an effective piece of writing to convince an audience to support your research. The concept of food relating to the characteristics of a population, such as their race, religion, culture, etc. creates an interesting discussion on how different aspects of food and the processes involved including but not limited to the making, selling, and marketing of the food can impact a person. Between the three research pieces regarding the different elements of food, the most effective piece written would be From Loncheras to Lobsta Love: Food Trucks, Cultural Identity and Social Justice. This research blog is the best piece between the three because of the advanced use of logical and convincing techniques that the author, Julian Agyeman, uses throughout his writing. These aspects if his writing help make this piece excel over the other two writings, Coding and Decoding Dinner by Todd Kliman and More than Just the “Big Piece of Chicken” The Power of Race, Class, and Food in America Consciousness written by Psyche Williams-Forson. From the structure of the work to the style and the way he writes in an effort to convince his audience, Agyeman does an excellent job of using the information from his research as well as incorporating information from other sources to create an article that effectively connects to his readers that elicit his desired response. Agyeman’s use of an engaging structure has been just one of the

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