Descriptive Essay On Halliehurst Mansion

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If you drive from the south in Elkins headed toward Davis and Elkins College, at some point one of the historic landmarks you will observe that stands out to you is a glimpse of the beautiful Halliehurst Mansion sitting up on a hillside. The sight of it majestically placed upon the hill (Fig 1) gives any observer somewhat of a curiosity about the building. Visually there is a plethora of different aspects to consider when visiting this great historical building. The outside of a building can really tell a lot of what a person values and what is dearest to them. The outside of the Halliehurst mansion includes several instances of a love for nature in the way it is designed. The mansion includes an incredible wrap around porch (Fig 2) that opens up to an amazing overlook of the beautiful, natural world around the area and overlooks the Appalachian Mountains, trees, and historic town of Elkins below. The porch is a beautiful bridge to interact and view nature. Composing the foundation of the mansion are stones (Fig 3). From that observation it appears as if the stones were most likely hand cut. Due to this it’s more than likely that the stones were retrieved locally. Moving on to the inside of Halliehurst, the interior design is equally just as breathtaking. After walking through two giant doors, before the visitor’s eyes is what is known as the “Great Hall”. Centered perfectly at the head of the hall is a massive window (Fig 4) which allows for an easy viewing of the same

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