Descriptive Essay On Life After Death

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Quyen Phan
Mr. Jeff Jordan
Descriptive Essay
21 September 2017
What will happen after we dead ?
Death is a fact of life that everyone have to go through. There are around 150,000 people die each day worldwide. A person is considered dead when the heart stops and the brain is no longer able to perceive things around. The departure is the result of many factors: illness, accident or simply due to aging. There are many questions about "life after death". One of the seemingly authentic answers based on scientific research is "the man who gives nature back what has taken from nature." Results from several studies have shown that the human body, after a period of time buried underground, decomposes into chemicals that nourish other organisms in …show more content…

It also causes contraction in other tissues, making the hair appear longer. From the next four to six hours, purple covers the entire body, the body has a slight convulsion. One to five days later, the body softens. Inside, the stomach begins to digest itself. Bacteria begin to grow very quickly, causing bloody bubbles to drain in the nose and mouth of the corpse. Eight to ten days later, the bacteria in the intestine will eat dead tissue and release gas, causing the pancreas to rise. Bacteria in the intestine will join in the party, releasing putrescine and cadaverine - compounds that make the body smell after death. At this time, the body begins to produces an unpleasant odor. The tongue protrudes from the mouth due to swelling of the tissues of the neck and face. The red blood cells break down causing some parts of the body to turn green. This is the second stage of the decomposition process: Bloat. The third stage is called active decay, which starts a few weeks after death. Nails, hair, and skin begin to dry out and fall off easily. Depending on the buried environment, the skin begins to liquefy from the inside, rot or dry. Underground, this is also the time of the body subject to attack by insects, bacteria and external environment. The last stage is called skeletonization. It lasts months to years. Fat in the body begins to decompose. If a corpse is exposed to soil or cold water, adipocere -

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