Descriptive Essay On Love

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Love. Love is shown in so many ways. Whether it be a loving husband buying a beautiful, diamond ring or a child’s crush bringing the other a tootsie roll, love is always being expressed. What is one way that no matter what your age, or what the mood of your significant other is in, you can look like the most caring person in the world? A magnificent glass vase filled with freshly plucked, blooming flowers. A vase full of fresh flowers can really mean a lot to someone who is sick, is having a hard time, or just needs an exaggerated reminder that they mean the world to you. There is such a deeper meaning to the vase then you could imagine at first glance. Start with the vase. At first glance, the only thing an ordinary person would recognize is the flowers that are in the vase. However, someone with a deeper mind is going to look at every aspect of the gift and pay attention to what else is important, the vase, the beautiful piece of artwork that brings together a bouquet. Think of all of the shapes the vase could be. It could be high and skinny, petite and plump, or a combination that is special to itself. It is just like a person. You see, the unique shape of the vase doesn’t go unnoticed. It is not just a container, it is an elegant transporter of love and passion. Next, think of the quality of a vase. Is the vase a cheap plastic vase that has been drug out of a dusty basement? Is the vase an elegant crystalline piece of artwork? Depending on how hard you work determines

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