Descriptive Essay On Mountain-Climbing Adventure

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I looked up at the morning sky painted in hues of purple and pink. The crisp air tickled at my nose. I stood in front of the open passenger door of the truck while waiting for Jacob to give me further instructions. I found Jacob on one of those mountain-climbing adventure websites. He had the highest rating of all the Mountaineers featured.
“Here’s your climbing pack, Reagan,” said Jacob holding it out for me.
I took the climbing pack and placed my fleece blanket and windbreaker inside. My pack was already filled with the necessary mountain-climbing gear, granola bars, thermos, and a first aid kit. I grabbed my pocket-sized Bible from the passenger seat of the truck and tucked it into the side pouch of my pack. Jacob pulled the last of the mountain-climbing equipment from the bed of the truck and shut the tailgate. He looked up at me and smiled.
“Are you ready for this adventure?” he asked.
“I guess,” I responded hesitantly.
“Let’s get going. There is a short hike before we get to the base of the mountain.”
Jacob led me up a trail following the edge of a brook. The rippling water carrying rocks flowing downward along the trail’s edge helped to calm my nerves. Still, the thought of climbing up the steep rim of a mountain made my stomach weak.
“How far is it to the base?” I asked.
“This hike should take a little over an hour,” he responded, “It is relatively smooth terrain.”
As we trekked along the brook, I was inspired by the scenery. Hemlock and spruce bordered the trail.

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