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  • Losing It At Seventeen Summary

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    I arrive at work past eight thirty. By ten o’clock, I’ve read, “Losing It at Seventeen.” I delighted in the story of a nerd who finally gets the girl. Though, the material needs work. Still, I put it aside in the “maybe” stack on my desk. The remainder of the day will be a piece of cake. I skip lunch to meet with Betsy, the B.A. lawyer, Thom argued with at the staff meeting. She wants to discuss a writer that Sarah dealt with who started a rewrite before his contract had been signed off on by

  • Memo to Persuade Cafe

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    | Memo to PersuadeCafe | | | [Type the author name] | 11/30/2014 | MGMT 550 Professor | To: Benjamin Wilson From: Date: 11/30/2014 Subject: Recommendations for PersuadeCafe Dear Mr. Wilson, my name is and I have been hired as a consultant to provide ideas and recommendations for PersuadeCafe. As you know, PersuadeCafe offers coffee and pastries to its customers as well as other related products. PersuadeCafe customers truly enjoy the services and products that it offers

  • Personal Narrative: Double Trouble

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    Hey guys! I know I haven’t written for a while, and I don’t think I’ll be back very often to continue to write unless someone decides to buy me an $800 computer for Christmas… (hint, hint) Yeah… Not going to happen. I only had two or three people reading this story originally, but this is a remake of my first fanfiction, called “Double Trouble for TK.” I’ll probably have it shortened to just “Double Trouble” by the time I’ve finally reuploaded my re-written chapter one. I won’t be writing it all

  • The Fitbit's Behavior

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    The participant began the project by collecting baseline data using ABC data, frequency data, and thoughts and emotions in her though journal. She also wrote out possible obstacles that would deter her form reaching the daily step count of 5000 steps. In addition, she also wrote out the possible short term and long-term positive and negative effects of change in relation to the target behaviour. These were all recorded in the beginning of the journal, which the individual referenced throughout the

  • short narrative essay (avalanche)

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    a huge cedar tree took off his gloves and tried to make a fire. After many attempts to keep the flame light he finally succeeded. Fumbling with numb fingers through his pack at last he found the sandwich bag he had stashed in there that morning. Granola bars and one of the frozen power-ade drinks, he pulled them out and set them next to the growing fire. After they thawed he ate and drank as if he had not eaten in days. But he would need the energy for tomorrow. He dug a hole in the snow next to

  • Latin Strange Symbols

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    somewhat, but the ink was smudged and it looked like something out of librarians nightmare. My only course of action was to hide the sucker in some random shelf corner and hope it's never opened again, and that's exactly what I did. After throwing the granola wrappers and coffee cups away, I put the jacket back on just in time to avoid whoever was stomping towards the library, witnessing me destroying all evidence of my nap induced crime. The sound of heavy work boots echoed from the hall. It was unmistakable

  • Descriptive Essay On Mountain-Climbing Adventure

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    the Mountaineers featured. “Here’s your climbing pack, Reagan,” said Jacob holding it out for me. I took the climbing pack and placed my fleece blanket and windbreaker inside. My pack was already filled with the necessary mountain-climbing gear, granola bars, thermos, and a first aid kit. I grabbed my pocket-sized Bible from the passenger seat of the truck and tucked it into the side pouch of my pack. Jacob pulled the last of the mountain-climbing equipment from the bed of the truck and shut the

  • Personal Narrative : The Story Of My Life

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    booze. I knew I could survive the things you would do to me, I just didn’t know if I could ever get out. “Morning” you mumbled with a thick southern accent. I didn’t answer you, but you seemed to not care, I wanted you to care. You pulled out a granola bar from your pocket and gave me water, I was scared because I knew you wouldn’t do this if you

  • I Am Completely Honest : Being Sick With Strep Throat

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    To be completely honest, I had a hard time remembering and keeping a diary of every little thing I do. I am a very busy person, considering I have a full time job, 2 part time jobs, and a full time college student. I did make my best attempt at trying to see what all I ate and for physical activity and my results are interesting. The first thing I would like to talk about would be the amount of exercise. The total amount in a week was to have 150 minutes. Well within 3 days, I had over 900 minutes

  • The Most Scared I Ever Been Essay

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    The Most Scared I’ve Ever Been… It was about two weeks after school got out. It was just a run-of-the-mill kind of Sunday. I decided to take my usual day-long naps that seemed to repeatedly happen during the weekend. Once I woke up I was determined to go see what my family was up to, so I went up the stairs two at a time. When I got halfway up the stairs I remembered that I had to go to work in an hour. I skidded to a stop and barely stopped myself from plunging down the stairs that I had just ran