Descriptive Essay On Mountain Lion

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Mountain Lion

“Where should we go oh i know”

one day my mom aunt decided to go camping at the mountains we never went to these mountains be my sister said

“is there lions”.

“I hope not also mountain lions is what you met.”

so we packed then took like a mini road trip going over there. We put the radio on
Stopped at a gas station also a store. When we got there we set up the tent and made some food and ate. We also took a little walk around . So we came and fixed the inside of our tent one thing is our neighbor bringing bluetooth speakers i wanted to tell were camping no electronics but of course i really wouldn't do it. Because i didn't know the guy so i didn't do it .I never know what he would do to me so i let him be he did have a nice dog.

The next day was a hot day it was like burning lava. i went by the river because it was hot of course i put my feet in the water, and splash goes the water. Water was so clear as glass amazing it was so clean. I sat in water for a while until it got cold so i went back to the tent. My family were asleep i was pretty tired to so i went to bed to my aunty took a picture of me i the picture was me buried by one big blanket, i was impressed i didn't suffocate.

“I have told you about mountain lion well i think it his” i told my aunty there a problem i think there is a mountain lion but i'm not

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