Descriptive Essay On My Aunt's House

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Every household has its own individual characteristics that make it functional, while portraying the family. For the private residential space, I decided to focus on my aunt’s house. The space has a slight rustic theme throughout and utilizes natural products in every room. I choose to focus on the kitchen/dining room of this home because it is the center of this household where everyone tends to congregate. After walking through the entryway, one enters the spacious kitchen/dining room. The walls are a warm oak wood throughout, except the top half in the dining room is a wallpaper. The wallpaper has small burgundy starts in a repeated pattern on a cream background. The flooring is a brown, appears stone like, linoleum through the entire space. The main color seen is brown through all the oak cabinetry and walls; the accent color is different shades of red, mainly deep red, which is present in the stars on wallpaper and decorations throughout the area. The kitchen is well lit with a centered rectangular incandescent lighting fixture with recessed incandescent can lighting above the island. The LED lighting underneath the wall cabinets is perfect for all the baking and cooking done in the kitchen. The dining room has a large amount of daylight entering from all directions, yet has a simple incandescent chandelier for evening light. The lighting all emits close to daylight giving a warm color light. Overall, the space is well lit and supplies both day and evening

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