Descriptive Essay On My First Deer

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My First Deer
Deer season began on a Thursday. It wasn’t my first hunting season, but this particular year I was hoping to shoot my first deer. My dad, brother, and I drove up to our cabin in Ishpeming, Michigan. The car ride was eight hours long, but it went by very quickly because I fell asleep. Once we finally arrived, my cousin Casey and his son Collin were already out at the cabin. After we unloaded all of our stuff we sat around inside. Casey told us that the deer population was very low and that there weren’t very many bucks (male deer) around. He told us that it was caused by the frigid winter the previous year. After hearing this, I became doubtful about shooting a deer this season. It was getting late, so we all went to bed. So we could head out to hunt at dawn the next morning.
My dad woke up first, so he woke the rest of us up by 6:00am. We ate some breakfast before we headed out to our blinds. Once I got to my blind, I walked down to my bait pile to throw some apples on it. I noticed a couple of deer tracks which was exciting to see because that told me there were deer in the area. Once I finished spreading my apples, I scampered back up the trail to my blind and waited. About twenty minutes later it got light out and the quiet forest started to come to life. I saw all kinds of animals from woodpeckers to chipmunks. But no sign of any deer other than the couple of tracks from the night before. Around noon I called my dad on my walkie talkie to come and pick me

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