Effects Of Weather On Deer Hunting

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Effects of Weather on Deer Hunting Every year the fall brings in one of the biggest sports, hunting. According to David Crook in his article How big is the Hunting Economy, there are about 13.7 million people or approximately six percent of the United States population that consider themselves to be hunters. When all of these people get up the morning of opening day there is one thing that affects the way that they hunt. Every avid hunter knows that they have to base their hunting style off of the weather. The different factors of the weather such as the temperature, wind speed, barometric pressure, and precipitation changes the way the deer move and can either make or break a deer hunter’s season. The movement of a whitetail deer changes according to the weather. There are several different factors to consider when talking about the weather, but the one of the leading factors is the temperature. Some people believe that the colder it is outside, the better the hunting becomes. This is true until it gets so cold that the deer have to bed down and not move to stay warm. When the temperature begins to drop down to about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, the deer begin scrambling for food to prepare for winter and the rut. The rut is a deer’s mating season. This has the deer at a constant movement and makes for prime hunting. When the temperature begins to change, the amount of movement of the deer begins to change also. If the temperature rises then the amount of a deer’s movement
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