Descriptive Essay On My First Roller Coaster

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Finally, the time came. I was so nervous! My palms were sweating, I was shaking just a little bit, and I felt the need to vomit out the curly fries I had just eaten. I thought to myself “Why did I agree to this? I'm going to faint!” But let's start at the beginning of the story, you know the one where I decided to ride my first roller coaster.

I was in a black durango with my best friends Marlee, Emma and Katelyn. Marlee’s mom was driving us to Six Flags to celebrate her 12th birthday. When we got inside the park after an hour or so of singing our favorite songs at the top of our lungs and talking about how much we hated school, the first thing we all did was grab a map so we could find our favorite rides. It was almost perfect weather outside with a breeze but the sun still shining. About 3 hours passed then I heard, “Let's ride Medusa!”

I begged them to let me stay on the ground and I did for their first ride. When they got off all I heard was, “Come on Ava, you'll have so much fun!” “Yeah Medusa is the best roller coaster here!” from Marlee and Emma with excited looks on their faces. After a few minutes of stalling, you know talking about how many people have died on roller coasters, saying I had to use the restroom, yada yada yada, I finally made the best decision in my life and said yes to go on the roller coaster.

It was almost closing hour so where the super duper crazy long lines usually were, there were only five other people in line. We sat in a row of

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