Descriptive Essay On Nightmare

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Isabella ELA8H 9 Oct. 2017 “Nightmare” The pitch black night, cold and foggy. The only thing that kept my body warm was the sweat dripping along the sides of my face. Where I’m running, I don’t know, but I do know it’s away from her. Floating above the ground she is coming closer and closer. She, the ghost that is haunting me,is wearing that old torn dress, with her floating almost transparent self coming toward at me. Her white hair covering her face as her rotten long nails are coming closer and closer. “ You can’t hide I WILL FIND YOU!” She then cease to exist , I look around HOW?! She just vanished out of thin air, THIN AIR!?! BEEP BEEP BEEP! My alarm, as awake as the sun at dawn, is waking me up from that vivid dream of…show more content…
Thank you Boss.” “ No problem Jared!” I scurry off, looking around to make it seem less suspicious. But HOW! How is it possible that she found out the building I worked at?! Is she that determined to find me?? Then I hear it, “ Why are you scared? Don’t run away.” her voice soft and hushed as if she’s whispering. “ F—K OFF!! LEAVE ME ALONE!! PLEASE!” “ I didn’t mean to cause you any harm Jared. NOW YOU ASKED FOR IT!” I look around, the lights they’re flickering. I spot a door at the end of the hall glowing and everything else becoming dark.She comes out, with the glow around her she seems more inhuman.The torn dress is ripped even more, her all black eyes looking at me. Running, away from her, I feel as if I’m in the same position, and as it time has stopped but it hasn’t. The time is going by much more faster now, but I’m not going anywhere. A storage closet! I throw myself in and lock the door. I am panting, but try to control my breath for she won’t hear it. “ You can run but YOU CAN’T HIDE.” Then, footsteps as loud as drums in this isolated part of the hospital are being heard. And they are approaching my door very closely. The doorknob begins to nudge,but another pair of footsteps can be heard approaching the hall. “ Why-wha-what? Why is she f——g walking can’t she just float?!” I mumble to myself in the darkness. I look at my surroundings to see what is there that is helpful enough to beat up this ghost.
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