Descriptive Essay On Pizza

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Do you remember, as a kid walking home from school and feeling so Hungary as you passed that one pizza place right on the corner? That’s how I felt while walking threw flagstaff Arizona when I came upon a pizza joint called Fratelli’s. Fratelli’s has the very old school feel of come right on in, and sit were you please. Fratelli is located along fort valley road which is situated downtown in a easy to find location and in a convent walking distance from the local university. As you arrive at Fratelli’s you will notice they have an abundance amount of parking up and down the road. Fratelli’s open from 10:30am to 9PM the hours are very nice as they open just be for lunch and stay open plenty late. As you approach Fratelli’s you will see it is in an old stone building that shows the history of the town. The building has very nice classic look to it. The theme of history continues as you walk in side, all along the walls are old photos of flagstaff from the 50-60s, you’ll also see some sports memorabilia such as Brooklyn dodgers Jackie Robinson jersey. When you walk in in there is nobody to greet you, its simple. You wait in a typically a fast moving line until your able to order. The seating one of the few complaints I had, there was plenty of room but the bench seat were me and my friend sat was vey uncomfortable it was wooden seat that was discomforting to sit in. One amenity they had were several large tv’s mounted on the walls which all broadcasted some

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