Descriptive Essay On Ravens Roost

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At 37.9337° N, 78.9529° W elevation 3200 feet or mile 10.8 on the Blue Ridge Parkway lies one of the most spectacularly beautiful overlooks in the area. Looking to the right Ravens Roost overlooks the Shenandoah Valley, the most distinguishable areas being Stuarts Draft. To the left the you can see the George Washington National Forest, and Torrey Ridge in the distance. Ravens Roost holds a significant place in my heart, soul, and brain and continues to amaze me with its beauty time after time.
The first time I ventured up to Ravens Roost was the weekend before finals week at Governor's school in late April. I was stressing out over all of the things I had going on in the coming days when my friends suggested we take a trip up on the mountain. We were not sure where we would end up. We were searching for a perfect spot to watch the sunset and stopped at three or four other overlooks before reaching Ravens Roost. As we parked at Ravens Roost the sun was just starting to set, casting its shadow over the mountain. We wrapped up in blankets and sat on the rock retaining wall, taking in the beauty before us. For whatever reason, the sunset that night was particularly sunning. As the blazing light from the day was receding it was turning the air around the sun lovely shades of pink, orange, and violet. As we took in the landscape before us I started pointing out the landmarks we could make out down in the valley. The buildings of Hollister Inc. and Hershey stood out from the

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