Descriptive Essay On Robin Hood

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Robin Hood
Robin Hood was a skilled man who stole from the rich to give to the poor, which some people viewed it as criminal, while others considered it heroic, whose story would later become manipulated throughout time and history.
The earliest possible English record of Robin Hood shows up in legal records referring to criminals as “Robehod” and “Rabunhod”. These were common characteristic descriptions during that time. The first literary mention of Robin Hood appears in the fourteenth and fifteenth century ballads. In these ballads, Robin Hood was originally a savage freeholder, living in Sherwood Forest, who constantly got into altercations with the Sheriff of Nottingham. However, it is unclear if Robin Hood existed outside of the ballads. He has been assumed to be in contradicting regions and eras, which make it difficult to pinpoint exactly when and where he existed, or even if he existed. Overall, there is no hard cover proof that he ever existed in the real world.
Robin Hood held many skills which played a major role in his success. He was a swordsman, an archer, and a master of disguise. Robin Hood minimally would have used two different kinds of bows. One would be used for hunting animals and the other would have been used with the intent of harming when in a battle or confrontation. A Longbow would have been useful and likely for Robin Hood to have used in an attack. A Longbow is a large how drawn by hand and shooting a long feathered arrow. It was a crucial weapon for English troops in the fourteenth century, before firearms had been introduced. Robin Hood used his swordsman skills and wit to steal from the wealthy. He would disguise himself to help play out his schemes of stealing. Robin Hood was known to wear Lincoln Green which aided in his disguise. The Lincoln Green would act as a camouflage for Robin Hood to hide in the forest.
Throughout the years and regions Robin Hood’s story has changed. Tales involving him avenging his father’s death, to Robin being played as a kid friendly fox (Disney version) have been passed on to generations all around the world. In some some tales he participates in missions with the “Merry Men”, as well as having a romantic involvement with “Maid Marian.” The
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