Descriptive Essay On Starbucks

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If you’re searching for a warm, friendly environment, you can find it at Starbucks. The establishment not only serves as a place for drinks and food, but it also doubles as a friendly hangout for all people. Even before you step foot in the establishment, the iconic two-tailed mermaid smiles warmly at you as the soft guitar of the café music softly plays. As soon as you push open the glass door, the smell of coffee and the sound of relaxing guitar amplifies, almost completely muting the raucous traffic outside. The style of music and the strong scent immediately changes the environment, and you find yourself in a place of warmth and comfort. After you pass the small display of Starbucks packaged coffee and varying mugs, you step into a small line of customers. While the line slowly decreases, you can take your time to decide your drink based on the readable signs above or ogle at glass display of sandwiches, cookies, and pound cake. When you arrive at the front, a grinning barista greets you with a “How may I help you today?”. There is nothing formal from her outfit; she has colorful buttons decorating her green apron that drapes over her casual clothing. As she listens carefully to your order and provides useful advice, you don’t feel as if you’re talking to another employee. You’re talking to a friend who doesn’t rush you and instead guides you along as you lay out your order. At the end of the small conversation, you can rest assured that your appetite will be

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