Descriptive Essay On The Camp Monster

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The Camp Monster

“Bill come on time to go!” Tom's mom screamed. Every summer Tom has to go to summer camp. His parents are traveling all the time because of work. Tom really doesn't like to go, he’s not the “athletic type.” Tom does not have a lot of friends and keeps to himself. As Tom walks down the stairs to the car he feels a little overwhelmed. Tom has gone to the camp three summers in a row and feels weirded out when he’s near the woods. The camp counselors don’t like it when kids go to the woods by themselves, apparently kids have disappeared but the counselors don’t talk about it too much.
The car ride there is long. To get there you have to go far from town. You could see huge trees swaying back and forth as you pass by, it’s a little creepy. Bill arrived to the eerie camp, he saw all the kids with their parents trying to check in and get to know the grounds. The car came to a stop and Bill and his mom got out the car. It was a long ride there so it took Bill a minute to stretch out. Bill and his mom walk up to the front desk, there was a young man at the desk looked like he was not in a good mood. The man began to speak “Hello and welcome to camp, do you need a room?” the man said angrily. “Um yes please.” Bill’s mom said, but Bill zoend out the rest of the conversation. “Bill I have to go now,” Bill’s mom said “I love you and please don’t get in trouble your room number is 122.” “Ok mom love you too.” Bill said. His mom gave him a kiss on the cheek, gave him his

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