Descriptive Essay On The Desert

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The hot, arid air burned into my soul as I faced the barren desert surrounding me. My family and I were on a long-awaited vacation to the Grand Canyon, yet we had to drive over 15 hours - I radiated impatience throughout the journey. Walls of heat shrouded me as I gasped for air - my efforts were fruitless, however, swallowing nothing but fire. As the fire in my lungs grew, I looked out the window and into the looming suns heart. Suddenly, my eyes collapsed and tears engulfed them till they took their true form; a forest blanketed with soft, gleaming snow. However, I was evoked from my reverie by a vehement cry and I was staring into the eyes of tattered vultures, of every discrepancy, who recited a prophecy only I could hear. “Who dares enter our land!” they screeched in a dissonant manner. Trembling, I gazed at the sun and was standing amidst a perpetual desert - the vultures’ eyes glued to me. I froze with fear, though the sun baked my skin. “A meal for today,” the vultures rasped flamboyantly, “cooked to a crisp!” “Uh,” I sighed, “I couldn’t wait 10 minutes to save me from you repulsive demons!” I woke up like a corpse rises from the grave, my red eyes flooded with tears. The cool air lulled my throat; dissipating the faint memory of a raging fire and loathsome vultures scavenging my flesh. As the tears coated my face, I sat up until a symphony of cracks sang from my spine. Despite the agonizing pain, I turned around and the world revealed itself as a contemporary
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