Descriptive Essay On Yergu

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It is the annual parade for the planet Yergu. Yergu was the home planet for the creatures known as the Yengears. These creatures looked a lot like humans. And since their planet was much colder than Earth, all the Yengears were extremely fair.

The annual parade is a very important event for the Yengears as it honors the soldiers that protect the planet for their services throughout the year. The parade is held on the anniversary of the Great Armistice, the truce which ended the millennium war. It is also the day where all the kingdoms of Yergu united as the great empire of United Yengear. The royal family always conducted the parade to show that peace can always be achieved no matter what.

But ever since the royal family was betrayed and massacred 7 years ago by the planet Aoem, this parade did not symbolize peace. But it showed to rest of the universe what …show more content…

All the troops that are participating in the parade, marched to the parade grounds. Each division was slowly assembling themselves forming files and ranks. This parade also served as an exhibition event to show off their conquests, creations, achievements in the past year.

The Conquest forces, the division of the army which is on the constant lookout for new planets to conquer, had as usual brought their slaves to show off. The slaves were stripped naked and only had collared chains to their neck. The collar sent an electric current directly to salve’s nervous system. This current made them obey their masters without any resistance. This year they had defeated the planet of the giants Zwam, the planet Preeru which housed the creatures known for their nimble feet and planet of the ground Cray.

The engineering division had brought an assortment their gadgets. Their collection this year included new fighter jets, deep space suits, specialized ray guns, high mobility armors and a special armored

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